A journal! After over a year! Ma God! Hope everyone is doing amazing as usual, and if not, the Doc is in to help out. For myself...let's catch up a year starting with past to present. IN POINT FORM!

-Moved to BC, skiied, snowboarded, made love to many many women and ate a crackload of sushi! Those all you can eat places hated me
-Worked as a Baker and made preposterously delicious cakes!
-Moved back to Ottawa, my hometown and worked with the Government! Le Gasp!
-Started with Red Lobster as a Host and Kitchen Aid
-Went to Edmonton to visit friends
-Travelled to Toronto to ride the BEHEMOTH!
-Conscripted friends for arduous hikes in the Gatineaus
-Started up Sniper Perch Productions first Movie code named "Quiedar" and still in the process of filming
-School at Carleton. BOOOO
-Plenty of Fish for the WIN
-Dates with a few girls

That's about a quick catch up as possible. How has everyone been doing? Anything fun and cool? Take care and have fun!


Song of the Day: DeVotchka - How It Ends