So my life is ok i guess. I mean me and Virginia broke up but i asked her back out and she said she might move to maryland so i am sad now. the nawal moved to chesterfield. noah and christina are moving to florida. devon is moving to texas. everyone is leaving me TT_TT. but i guess i will live. well last night two of my friends Mia and Ashely came over and the put me in a skirt a corset thing that makes your boobs look big and you look skinny. I COULDNT BREATH!! then they took pictures to put on their myspace. i might put some up on here idk yet. then it is funny every time you touch Mia's nose she sneezes. well Ashely touched her nose and Mia sneezed RIGHT in her face. It was soooo groos but hilarious. Then Ashely did my make up. I looked like a whore. while Ashely did that Mia painted my nails BLACK. oh yeah i cut my hair really short too. it is cute. i am finally officially moved into my dads house. that took forever.
at school me and my friends are pretty crazy. but Mia lifted up my jacket to see my shirt the made me flash everyone by pulling down the front of my shirt I yelled "MIA DO YOU MIND!?!?!" she said "NO not at all the are sexy!" i just laughed that is all i could do. It has been so freaking cold lately and it sucks ass . i have been frozen walking to the bus stop and waiting for it. well that is all that is interesting in my life so far not much but it is fun!

Love you,