OK, here's the rundown:

The College's annual Student Awards Reception is coming up on Tuesday. This is basically a big shindig where all of the students who won scholarships can get together and thank the people/companies who donated the dough for the awards. If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I announced that I won a $5000 scholarship, which is pretty much the biggest award they gave out this year. It's very likely that the donor and the college will want to do a formal presentation for this award as opposed to just giving me the cheque and forgetting about it, which basically means that they'll want a picture. Furthermore, since I'm recognized as a student leader at Keyano, they asked me to give a short speech on behalf of the students.

I also happen to be on the College's Board of Governors.

However, this year, I've been taking part in what's become a bit of a tradition at Keyano. It's called No-Shave November, and it basically means exactly what you think it does. I haven't shaven since November 1st, and I'm feeling pretty good about the way my NSN beard has come in so far.

As I'm sure you can gather, I'm going to be in the spotlight for a fair while on Tuesday, and I want to portray a positive image of the student body, my program area, and the board. At the same time... well, it's No-Shave November, man!

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Some pictures, for reference: