yep, got in an accident.

on the way back from the strip club, yeah you know me, doug and vinnie were in the car, doug was driving, i was in the passanger seat, and vinnie was behind doug. to put it simply, heres a quote:

me: so, what was your favorite stripper? vinnie i already know yours, doug?(vinnie got about 4 dances from the same girl)
doug: well i'd have to say

and then it happened. as we pull up to a yellow light and were slowing down, some chick in a red old civic slammed into the back end of us. what i can actually remember is my seat breaking, and slamming all the way back. if vinnie was behind me, his face would've been broken. we get out of the car, and its totaled. his car is a blue 2000ish chevy cavaleir, so were talking pretty small cars.

the trunk is completely caved in, and this lady's front end is trashed. i run over, in pain, and ask her if she's ok. she only replies "wow, it happened so quickly, i'm so scared".....slurring her words...yeah boys, she's drunk. i tell her to just stay in the car till help comes.

well, the cops showed up three seconds later, and i got off the phone with my dad. it was about an hour of talking and waiting till the tow trucks arrived, and the lady was brought to the hospital. surprisingly, she passed her field sobriety test. wowza. then dougs dad came and picked us up after the medics were finally shooed away.

as it stands, i'm sitting at home icing my neck. i may have whiplash. that, or the uncomfterble chairs at the strip joint can really put a strain on your lower back after a stripper jumps onto your lap.... smiley0.gif

and incase your still wondering,

my favorite stripper was the one who had all the tattoo's, and danced to disturbed's "down with the sickness". it was awesome.

or the girl who gave me a really cheap private dance.

either-way, I'm washing my face for the 6th time, some old cougar came up and started licking my ear. i had to politely ask her to go back to the old's people home. it was awful.

over all, a great night