yes, I am finally making a journal entry... again...

Ya, just writing out because I bought a ton of stuff this week because of black friday!

Lets see the list!

100 DVD-Rs
100 CD-Rs
Guitar Hero X-Plorer XBOX 360 Guitar
AC/DC Live Track Pack (XBOX 360)
AC/DC T-shirt
The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Complete Box Set
The Familiar Of Zero Complete DVD Box set
Lucky Star Volume 4 DVD, CD, and T-Shirt Bundle

Most of it was bought online, because I did not want to go to stores to buy it, because of the LINES.
I got the AC/DC Box set (the 3 items I listed having to do with AC/DC) at wal-mart this morning after waiting an hour and a half in line to get it. Hell, it was worth well over $42 though!

I got Zegapain on ebay, its extremely rare to find out in the wild, so I bought it. You can only get 500 achievement points in the game, then you will need to buy the evil side (ZEGAPAIN NOT) to finish with 1000 points.

I am a anime nerd do I bought 2 box sets off Amazon, and since 1 day shipping was $10, and I had the money, thats what i chose! I got haruhi off ebay though, but its brand new.

The Blank media, and the guitar all together only cost $30.00 what a steal! I bought them online at Again, I was too lazy to go to the store.

Wow its only 7 a.m.? I am going back to sleep!