No, not the song (which is great btw, both Portal and Mirror's Edge versions), just my current condition. I haven't forgotten about RT, just haven't had time lately, with school, homework and projects and alot of other boring shit. blah. It bores and saddens me just thinking about it. : ( rofl.

Well, since it's been awhile since I've logged on and almost a year since I last posted a journal, guess I should say what's happened in that year.

Hmm, where do I start? Well, I'm finally a freshman. So I guess that's exciting. I grew my hair out too. It wasn't really long, but I guess you can call it a certain degree of long. :P And I grew a full goatee. I had the mustache already, so I figured why not? As cool as me and my friends thought it was, I couldn't go anywhere without someone saying "Hey caveman! What's up?" Lol, there was even a time when me and my friend Matt were hanging out in the band hall (yeah, I'm a band geek. don't know if I've mentioned yet), and some kid's dad told Matt "Hey, check it out! Wolfman's sitting here!" And people within earshot busted out laughing. I thought it was pretty funny too. at least this guy didn't call me caveman :P. Or terrorist like some guys in athletics called me.
So this week I went out on adventure. Unfortunately, two of my friends were lost in the quest: my mustache and my hair (kept a chin spike out of my goatee though). I mainly did it to impress this girl I like. Judging from the amount of girls I know that told me I looked cute, it should have good results. And plus I look older. I don't look like I'm 30 like I did with my goatee and long hair, I guess I look like I'm in my early 20's. The funny thing is, I barely turned 15 last month. I'll let you be the judge of that when you look at my images. ;)
Umm, I guess all that I have to say is that I'll try to login more often now, considering it'll be awhile before I have any major projects.
Wait! I just remembered one thing: me and my friends have this idea to do something like Human Giant and Jackass. An easy way to put it: sketch comedy meets stupidity. We still haven't thought of a name yet, but you can check out our first vid here. And yes, I am Cap'n Roflcopter himself. :)

Please, if you're going to comment, don't be too harsh (Yes, I know I should've put stabilizer on). We're just a group of idiotic 15 year olds with a camera. Beginnings aren't always bright. But if you have any interesting name ideas or ideas that we should film in the near future, send me a message via YouTube or RT. So, I guess that's it. In the year I've been absent from RT, I've matured, so I'm not gonna use the "Peace Out Pimpin'" end thingy anymore, because then I'll be viewed as a retard who listens to rap (which, thank God, I've stopped listening to :D).

Still Breathing,