I bought a Blackjack two days ago and started blugeoning people with it. I gave up on Bell Mobility. I was paying $60 a month for subpar service.

I went to Fido with the intent of just getting a regular phone and a normal plan, but I left with a Samsung Blackjack a normal plan + data plan. This will be my entry into the Smartphone/Pocket PC world. The one thing I didn't expect was the addictive attributes accompanied upon puchasing my Samsung Jack.

In short, I'm all organized... Probably more than I thought I could ever. I'm keeping track of my hours at work. Reminding myself of appointments, birthdays and the what not. I have unlimited e-mail (recieving and sending). I find myself not using a computer to check e-mail anymore. It took me about four hours to figure out Windows Mobile 6, but after upgrading to 6.1it got a little better.

The Blackjack is sorta like the Crackberry (Blackberry), but just a step down. In this short time having the damn thing, I'm thinking of already upgrading to a HTC smiley4.gif .... Make it stop before I start buying a Bluetooth... Oh, wait! I just bought one today!