So the other day I was watching the Go Go Gadget PSA, one of my favorites. As I got to the part where the on-screen text generator is screwed up, I suddenly was really curious as to what those bullets actually said (I blame the LFTO thread).


After searching for some time what those languages displayed might be, I came across some characters that looked like the ones from the second bullet. Devanagari was the language it appeared to be. So I searched and searched for somewhere online that I could figure out what that second bullet said. After a while, I came across a website where someone could translate a bunch of languages for free, one of which was Devanagari. Crossing my fingers, I sent an email to the webmaster requesting for them to translate the second bullet, saying I thought it was Devanagari, but I was no authority. I also requested that they translate the first bullet for me, if possible, even though I still hadn't determined exactly what language that was.

The next day, I get an email back from the webmaster, who is in fact able to translate both the first and second bullet for me. It turns out, the first bullet is Japanese katakana, but it's just gibberish. "As it is, it would read something like [dope: djezupujiya zuhe]". The second bullet does turn out to be Devanagari, but the letters are "randomly arranged & do not have any meaning attached to them." So I decided the third bullet was probably no different.

RT could've at least put something funny or completely random in there, just to humor my nerdiness. But at least now I know what it says. Er... doesn't say...?