hello guys and may i say its good to be writing on here again because ive been mega busy over the past week or so, the annual Xmas shopping spree / headache, every year it comes to the point where im walking around the city like a zombie becuase i know where to go and what to get, but the worse of it is, that u have the headache of sitting in a bastard line for 3omins just to buy a couple of shirts and a pair of trousers! oooo madness.

Anyway moving swiftly on today was a nice quiet day, but it was MEGA freezing! i woke up and slowly went downstairs as i was doing that moaning and groaning at how early i got up lol, but then i went to get a newspaper and it was iced over everywhere and i had to endure 15mins of pure icy hell, i swear wen i came back from the newsagents i was literally a icecube i wouldn't of bin surprised if my mum turned round and said "hey tom do me a big favour sit yourself down in my glass of coke" lol

on friday i got my TNA UK tickets for London and Nottingham which im very happy about, finally i get to see TNA here cuz i missed them earlier on in the year. im doing the darkside wrestling podcast soon which will be a bundle of laughs im sure as always.

well thats enough of me for now i think.

hope u guys have had a great weekend.
look out for the next installment of Mr Ridgways Journal cumin up later on the week.

With love as always.

Tom xxxx