in the long school hall
i pass him and smile
and i might just be lucky if he smiles at all.

when this happens i feel like crawling into a shell
or digging a hole and burrying myself in it.

it's a sad feeling i know
and i should prolly just turn the other cheek
but for some reason i can't
so i just try to get a smile back.

maybe one day i'll have some luck
maybe get a smile...or even have a talk!
hahaha..I'm getting way over my head
that will never happen in life
just only in my dreams.

i screwed up bad...
well actually we both did.

i guess i'll just have to let the truth go to my head:
the past is the past and that can't be changed,
this is the present and i must go on with my life.

so i guess i'll just walk down the hall
and pass him by
with out a smile or a look in the eye.

by:Chelsey Poirier (me)