many have asked, what do i do in my free time?

well, i usually stay awake until three am working at the local bar here in my college town. however tonight i am not allowed to sleep

see, tomorrow exams start, and i have yet to study. my friend vinnie will be coming up today, actually in about two hours, to make sure i don't study, which isn't actually what his intentions are, but that is what he'll be able to accomplish.

tonight i had a great night. as ive stated earlier, i have started my own fraternity, and tonight we ommited our first brother into it. next semester we'll have more. but besides that side track, we celebrated alot. and as soon as i'm going home, i get a text from vinnie wondering if I'm still in campus. i say yes, he says he's on his way. i cant get enough of this, vinnie is coming to my college, which is completely out of his way, to hang out with me on the three days i'll be the most busy, to do stuff that will distract the living hell out of me.

i cant wait, its gonna be an awesome ride home.

oh, and vinnie is going to be crashing in my dorm, and i'm not telling my dad who needs a ride home, but i will say that its someone who needs a lift down and isnt bringing anything home with him... muahahaha...
that way, when my dad does come up, vinnie, who my dad knows like a son, will be walking out with me out of my building to the car, and i know exactly what vinnie will say. "hey mr. ciaburri, hows it goin?" and my dad will just be in shock and awe, i cant wait

ok, i'm freakin out, the room i'm in is havin the heat turn on, and its making all these creepy pings and pops in the walls, so i'm gonna call this a pretty complete journal that has nothing to do with the title given, and let you guys go on your free way,

peace and love,


p.s. bet this is the best written drunk journal you've ever read, cause you probably couldn't tell till now smiley0.gif