the Female Mind

Girls are crazy. And analyzing crazy is fun. So I am devoting a journal to this.

To start off: Girls are crazy about weight. Someone I've known all my life, who I think is in good enough shape, especially in comparison with most americans, is trying to lose weight thinking it will make her more acceptable as a person. What she doesn't see is that she has a spunky, charming personality. And by changing her outside, which is already pretty stinkin' cute, she's not necessarily adding to her worth like she think she is. Losing weight does not solve these problems of not feeling worth much.

There's a girl I've known for almost two years now. She is one of probably the top five most beautiful girls I've ever met. I'd give almost anything to be gorgeous like her. But I've talked to her recently and, because she doesn't get the feedback she wants to hear from the man she wants to hear it from, she dioesn't even think she's pretty. What a silly girl. Especially since she too has a beautiful personality, like the first chick I mentioned.

And then there's me. No one I hang out with has EVER treated me this way, but walking to lunch with a couple girls the other day, I thought, "These girls only have me around so they can feel prettier than someone." Where does that thought come from? I love my ladyfriends and they love me... Not to mention I think I'm cute... hehe

Another girl, by my observation, is the girl thats popular without trying, and yet feels like no one likes her. She doesn't see her natural spark that not only makes people want her, but makes people want to be her.

But the sad story is that we can't get past these things sometimes. Sometimes they're so big we can't see anything but the bad. But, ladies, forgive me for saying it, we're wrong.

And with that, I can't help but be amused at us ladies for not making sense. smiley12.gif