well its short and useless but im bored :)
well i borrowed soul caliber 4 because im in love with it :D
...& its the only game i can actually pwn video game pros at
well anyways.... i was doing the tower part
im sure if youve played it, you know what im blabbering about
kay so..
i was stuck on this dude
& for some reason he just would not die
so i got fed up
& my 4 year old brother decided to try..
yes my 4 yr old brother enjoys games such as
soul caliber 4..
halo games..
assassains creed..
burnout 3(hes extremly good at it too )
& of corse just like his big sister .....
hes in love with call of duty
:D <3
kay wel back to the story..
he took his turn.. & on his first try
he destroyed him....>.>
it was down right amazing
but an extreme self esteem crusher...
so i was in disbelief & made him fight a new guy..
found out all he does is do a move tht does semi damage but doesnt let the other guy attack him
so he just pulled a cheap one :P
so it made me feel slight better :D
well this happened quite some time ago..
but i thought it was worth telling :D

hope you enjoyed it

P.S im gettign my eyebrow periced(since the first one got prii much torn out :( )
and also i might be getting my tattoo! :D