Basically, I told my mom I was in a band and asked if we could practice in the garage or in the basement. She said as long as it wasn't too often, it was fine.

Yesterday I asked her if friday was ok, and my dad asked what was going on. I told him the same thing and he blew up on me, yelling his head off.

He said, "I'm not going to have some fucking kids with drum sets and amplifiers cranked up to 10 in my house!"

My mom asked if we could use the garage at the old house which we have not yet sold, but my dad said there was no way we would just stay in the house. So now, I have to go and try and find a storage hold, with electricity, for as cheap as possible.

Thing that ticks me off most is that he wouldn't even relax and be human about it. He probably asked me if I understood him about seven times before I finally shouted yes and more or less told him to shut up.