I am very lucky. I know how much fun it is to share the Christmas Spirit. I get to share the Christmas Spirit all year round! Would you like to share the Christmas Spirit too? Well, here’s an idea!

First, get some cardboard tubes. The kind inside a roll of toilet paper or paper towel is perfect. Then, buy some small, safe gifts (like stickers) or treats (like peanut-free candy). Make sure they fit inside the tube.

It is also fun to write little notes on pieces of paper. You can write “Merry Christmasâ€Â, or “Ho! Ho! Ho!â€Â, or “Some Holiday Spirit for Youâ€Â.

Now, put a cotton ball in one end of the tube. Then, put some goodies in the tube! Now, put another cotton ball in the other end. That will keep the goodies inside the tube.

Next, wrap your tube up in some fancy paper. You can use Christmas wrapping paper. Paper you have coloured on is perfect too! Now the tubes look just like Christmas Crackers.

Now comes the fun part! Bring the Christmas Crackers with you wherever you go. When you meet someone you see often but hardly ever talk to, give them a Christmas Cracker! If you meet someone who is sad, give them some Christmas Cheer! Give your Christmas Crackers to anyone you want! And make sure to say something like “Merry Christmas!†or “Here’s something for youâ€Â.

Now comes the best part! After you give away a Christmas Cracker, how do you feel? Does it make you feel happy inside? That is part of the magic of the Christmas Spirit. After all, Christmas isn’t about the gifts that we get. It’s about the gifts that we give!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. How do you share the Christmas Spirit with others?