Hello all. I understand I have been gone long and many people have missed my achievement comments to everything, and I sure missed the positive mods I get from them...I mean I missed making people laugh. I actually have been here the whole time, but a little too much eggnog will destroy your mind, mixed with the right ingredients of course, heh. Anyway, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, not that Happy Holiday bullshit. My Christmas was very good. I scored myself:

-Rock Band 2 Drums (Wanted)
-The Cole Protocol (Wanted)
-Money (Needed)
-Gift Cards (...)
-Buffalo Sabres Jersey (Needed)
-Xbox Controller (Needed)
-RvB Nathan Shirt (Damn all of you who bought the ones I wanted)
-RvB Reconstruction (NEEDED)

That's about it. I also would to say that I will be adding one more Spartan picture of my current and last change. I also am starring and writing in a machinima called Condemnation. We have added... a trailer I think and are editing Episode I. It is a short series too, with epic battles.

Other than that I am in the writing process for the first time in a year. I am writing a possible series. I am also hoping for a job at a radio station as a DJ, so I waiting for the reply. So yes, 2008 has been one hell of a year, and who knows what the fuck will happen in '09. God bless.