Sorta late considering there's less than two hours before Christmas is over, but I was too busy enjoying it with my family. My mom's boyfriend's son (who's still in a coma) was able to spend it with us, so today really meant alot to me since the last time I saw him was last summer. If you don't know the full story about him and you want to know, read this journal entry (which was my first one) from about two years back.

Well, I guess we should move on to presents. I would put up pics, but my sister's borrowing my camera.

What I got:

AC/DC's Black Ice Deluxe Edition (haven't had the time to buy it myself)

Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits

A pair of American Eagle sunglasses

Some tight-fit shirts from Aeropostale and American Eagle

Some jeans from American Eagle and Aeropostale

An Xbox Live Vision Camera

A Phillips Norelco electric razor (which works GREAT btw)

50 Dollars from my grandpa

50 dollars on a Visa gift card

Led Zeppelin's Mothership album from my friend Ben aka caboosesbro7

And a lump of coal with 40 dollars attached from my grandma. lol

So I pretty much got what I wanted this year. And to top it all off, I has backstage passes to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Lubbock on the 30th!!! :D The reason is because we have a family friend who sings for them. You can check her website here. And the cool thing is, my mom taught her her first word, which was "apple." lol

And just for the record, I AM NOT A PREP. Just because I got AE and Aeropostale clothes for Christmas doesn't make me a prep. Besides, I wear Led Zeppelin t-shirts more than I do tight-fit AE shirts.

Well, I hope everyone had a kickass Christmas and got what they wanted. I know I did :D