Well...alot I guess. I'm not on here as much as I used to be...but that trend seems to be going around. I spend alot of time doing the fitness stuff so that keeps me busy too...

I'm training to run the Miami Marthon in January. Training is going kinda rough right now. I'm having a hard time running past 17 miles at the moment...but I'm still working on it.

In the workout front...I've had to take a break from weight lifting. I found out the pain in my shoulders is from torn cartilage and tendons...I guess I over-did it a little. But taking a break from the weights is okay right now cause the running is wearing me out!

I ran the Turket Trot 10K race this year...it was fun. At the event they had a runnig magazine that listed events in Florida and found out about the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon going on that weekend in Cocoa Beach that weekend...so I drove up and ran my first half-marathon. It was a blast! It was really cool also in that it was right by theKennedy Space Center and alot of the event was themed around that. I got a really cool medal for finishing too =]

So yeah...basically I'm doing alot of running!

I hope everyone is having a Great Holiday! =]