I looked everywhere,and that kid was no where to be seen. That kid was fucked up. His eyes were soulless,his skin,pale,and he seemed to be stronger than most kids his age. I had my knife out. "This ain't worth $4.00,some gum,and a bb gun with some ammo. This is bullshit." I heard a radio acting up. It was my old walky-talky watch,and it seemed someone had it. "Hello,Garfield M. Dabec. Welcome to the nightmare of your life. Please,do make yourself comfortable. My little scout,Hughy,has probably greeted you already. I truly hope the net one won't turn you before the night ends." It sounded like a man in his thirties or forties,and quite healthy,too. "Listen you pedophile,stalking piece of shit,I hope you know you have no idea who you're dealing with,but I hope you realise you have-" "I have perfect knowledge of what your capable of. Don't you think I'd know this along with your name?" I shuddered as he laughed,"don't worry,you won't know what hit you once you find me. I'll be sure to take relish in your suffering." "Fuck you,Priest Trival!" I turned it off and I checked my watch. 9:38. I didn't know what to do. This stalker knew who I was,and threatened to molest me. Then I heard a noise. Some shuffling,then a sobbing. I got my my knife ready.

I got out my flashlight,and turned it on. I turned the corner,and saw a girl crying. She had her back turned to me. I stepped forward,and a board creaked. She sniffled and turned silent. "I know why your here,and what you came for." She turned and looked like that one girl from F.E.A.R. I could see she was smiling as she got up and started walking towards me. I stepped back as she stepped forward. "Don't be afraid,I don't bite. Much...." Bearing large canine teeth. She then started running,and jumped impossibly in the air towards me. In defense,I pulled my arm back,as she almost came on top of me,I swung in to break her nose. She flew back a couple feet. She got up and felt her nose. She started crying then a banshee wail came from her,and I saw her disappearing into the dark. "Don't fuck with me. I got 1337 skills." I turned around and pcked my sleeping bag and looked at my watch. 9:47. "Damn it. I hate this." I wasn't wussing out. I was pissed. "Fine,you want a fight? I'll fight. And I hope you enjoy getting your asses kicked." I started to rest. I got up after a twenty minute rest,and walked upstairs. "Maybe someone..." I headr a slight creak in a board behind me. A kid who looked a liitle shorter than me stood there. "Who are you?"

"Kyle. You?" He said,casually. "Garfield,but my friends call me Gar." He looked sane,but I didn'tlet down my guard and got curious. "Wait a minute,are you like the two kids before?" He shrugged,"I have no idea who,but if your talking about the psychos that inhabit this place,no. I've been locked in here since I was five. I'm twelve." I was shocked. "Dude,the front door..." I was fear-struck. I ran back downstairs and tried to open the door,but they wouldn't budge. "MOTHERFUCKER! YOU BASTARDS!" I screamed. I heard him coming downstairs. I started crying. "C'mon,open. Open...." I sobbed. I felt helpless. Kyle helped me up. "I hope I get to see Priest Trival die." I said. He laughed. "That guy? He's a pushover. I could take him. I've seen him. He's an old geezer." I looked at Kyle and said,"where might he be?" I was determined to find the man who locked me in here,and this poor kid. Seems he pissed off the wrong kid.
--To be continued--