I promised I'd post a cool journal since my last ones were all girly and squishy and/or lacking sunshine.

Fort Hill, if you're ever in Ohio, is awesome. I tried to run it today and it kicked my butt. smiley0.gif All in all a great hiking trail.

My Momma is the coolest mom on Earth and made me a Flounder magnet for my Ocean. That is she made me the yellow cartoon fish from The Little Mermaid for me to put on the side of my blue car. She has talent with vinyl and magnets. :)

Lastly, if you haven't watched The Smoking Guns World Dumbest _______ countdowns, you're missing out. They are very educational about cultures around the world and make me fear travelling to other countries.

Lastly, just fyi, I brought the new year in with a bang by shooting a Lenmark Scanner with a crazy awesome WW2-era Russian Mosin Nagant whilst wearing high heels. I am friggin Lara Croft. So there.

Over and out. smiley12.gif