Well i'm going to be waking up at 6:30am GMT 5 days a week monday to friday.... so mainly i will have very little time to prefom my usual things... but i will be on when i can... so i am leaving some images on this journal entry so please do not neg mod this and do not be an arse part and neg mod this because you think its nooby because i have very little time for arse parts because i'm in one of my " Evil moods " which people say when i am in it a Nazi mood which by the way if any of you think i'm a nazi or " know " i'm a nazi speak now because to those who say they Know i'm a nazi here is a message to you!

Fuck The Fuck Off you genetically inferior idiots!!!! because the likes of you twats will not even be acknowledged for i am sick of you assholes calling me a nazi so Grow The Fuck Up and get a nother fucking life!

At the end of all my journals for this year the hammer and sickle will be displayed so get used to it for the year because next year is different