has anyone ever read the amazon reviews for david hasselhoff's "best of" album? i really loved this gem:

It's a well known fact that different people have different interpretations of songs. While I respect the opinions of others, I have to respectfully disagree with many of the assessments of the messages provided in these amazing 18 tracks of sonic pleasure. Here is my analysis of a few gems that have had an emotional impact on me personally:

1. Looking for Freedom - Some of us look for love, some look for answers, and others look for lost socks. But Dave zeros in on what we really should be looking for.
3. Crazy for You - Dave sings of the deep emotional impact of insanity and explores his own psychosis. This is an unexpected cry for help.
5. Flying on the Wings of Tenderness - Dave sings of a one night stand with a person he identifies only as "Tenderness."
6. Hot Shot City - A song about a metropolis that has the incorrect notion that it is better than others. This song is particularly good.
8. These Lovin' Eyes - Few people are aware that Dave wanted blue eyes and purchased them from an impoverished child and had them implanted into his own cranium. With this song, he thanks the young girl for her sacrifice.
9. Du - Dave doesn't let his inability to spell stop him from informing us that we all must "du something"
13. Freedom for the World - It was Dave who uncovered the great conspiracy that Earth is controlled by green men from another world. With this song, he attempts to rally us in order to revolt against our overlords
14. Je T'Aime Means I Love You - Realizing not everyone has access to a French-English dictionary, Dave comes to the rescue.
17. Everybody Sunshine - Although some would have you believe that only a few people sunshine, Dave puts his own reputation on the line and makes this global declaration.
18. I Believe - A duet with the great Laura Branigan, both singing legends try to out do the other in what they believe. In the end, they realize they believe in nothing but their own hot passion for each other. Sizzling!

long live the hoff.