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Ok, I have to preface this post with a disclaimer.
*ahem * Josh “scud†Miller, the real life counterpart to the character in this comic strip actually believes that the spirit was a pretty okay movie. He wishes that the wrong impression not be spread about that. His character in the comic book world does not mirror his real life views regarding Frank miller’s adaptation of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit†Motion picture.
There, now we have that out of the way, and can get on to the only opinion which matters in this space, MINE!
So, the spirit was bad… Twilight for boys bad! What did I expect? A decent film noir, superhero detective story.
What did I get? Frank Miller’s sexual frustrations as played by the rejected cast of sin city.
Oh and Samuel L. Jackson dressed up as a nazi and yelled about eggs on his face.
I could go on about how bad it was… So I will!
The police were about as useless as can be, which is odd, considering how they should all be connected with their easy-to-use NOKIA CELL PHONES, while exchanging information on their DELL COMPUTERS and apprehending criminals in their DEPENDABLE FORD CARS AND TRUCKS.
Yeah, they went a liiiiiitle overboard with the product placement. But what was bad was that the product placement didn’t make any damn sense! It’s set in the 50s, but everyone has a cell phone and a computer? Jeeze Frank, pick a technological era and stick with it!
The whole movie feels like it was done in one take, seeing as how the actors are always tripping over, or forgetting their own lines.
Now, in spite of everything I’ve said, I loved this movie. And I think you will too so long as you participate in this little experiment I’m about to put before you.
WARNING! You must be of legal drinking age wherever you live to continue with my super awesome patented “Spirit Film Enjoyment Activityâ€Â.
First, get a bottle of hard liquor, It doesn’t have to be too strong because you WILL use the whole thing up. Take the bottle into the theater with you, (You can also do this in the privacy of your own home if you feel so inclined).
Now follow these instructions.
Whenever the Spirit Hits on a girl, or chases a skirt. Take a shot.
Whenever it looks like a character has forgotten their line. Take a shot.
Whenever Samuel L. Jackson says, or does, anything that makes no Damn sense. Take a shot.
Whenever you see evidence of sexual frustration on the part of Frank Miller. Take a shot.
Notice how the film is getting better and better?
Surprise! The spirit is your new favorite film! Go out now and enjoy it!

That’s all for now, more comics as inspiration strikes. Till next time…
RsConq/Elek = out
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