I saved up some cash. So what better to do than spend it all at once?

I was looking at this and this for a game setup for my 360, PS3, and Laptop. I'm about to send the order for it and it should get here in under a week so I'm pretty excited for this.

Also, I'm trying the Windows 7 Beta and so far it does not disappoint. I never disliked Vista as I never had any major issues with it but seeing just how fast 7 is compared to Vista just blows me away. The setup was surprisingly simple. The clean install took a total of no more than 20 minutes and had no problem running all of my hardware. Further, I was able to not only run Halo 2 Vista on 7 but it received a dramatic speed boost during start up and during game play as well.


Huh, my sponsorship should have ended a few days ago. Oh well, I'm not complaining. smiley8.gif