So I'm writing this journal while looking through it.

The downside is that I have to limit my resolution to 1360 x 768, the max that my TV can display. Also, I have to zoom into websites to see text. It's kinda hard to make out words when you're 6 feet away from the monitor. Still, it's pretty badass playing Fallout 3 from a 26 inch monitor. Next up, seeing if I can play Team Fortress 2 competently from it. Though maybe I better not.

In other news, the new Fable 2 DLC came out. Like a sheep on a leash I shelled out 10 bucks for it and I must say I was rather... amused. On the one had and it was short and shallow, just what I expected. But on the other, it was entertaining and gave me another reason to fire up Fable 2.

I enjoyed it much more than I expected, but it still could have been though out a bit more.