Slowly shutting the door behind me, the floor begins to drop as an elevator. surrounded by the steel shaft, the darknesss consimues the air. A crack emerges as light explodes through. *so this is the battle prep room.* its almost like a locker room. to my left and right is see grated metal plates seperating each persons locker. I see the names of my teamates imprinted at the top of each cubby. Walking down to the end of the locker room, i see a small door with a small label reading girls lockers . *wow, this is a liitle weird* Opening the door, i slowly walk in. there is a woman in a buisness suit standing inside messing with her cell phone. she turns and looks up at me.

"o good, your finnally here. Sorry I didn't get that message to you earlier. Anyways , hurry up and get ready the team needs you out there."

"Who are, whats going on?""

" i'll explain as we go but you need to get ready, the teamm is almost at the incident site right now. get your suit on"

"suit" As i look to my locker. hanging from the topp is a leatex looking leather jump suit, combat black boots, and a black cloak. all of these are being cooled by liquid nitrogen."what the hell is that?"

"i'll explain as you change just put it on."typing on her phone, as i sigh" listen, we can't have you fighting bad guys in that skirt and blouse, besides this was designed to keep your body cool in the sun."

I sigh out of frustration as I walk to the locker. she still looks at her phone as i undress . i slip into the suit zipping up the front, throwing the cloak on and putting the hood over my head. As I slip my feet into my boots she looks up.

"oh, sorry its pretty small, but I'll stop by some time this weekend to get your sizes."as she looks down at her phone.

" Small!!!!! I can barely breath, every part of my body feels exposed.i"

interupting me "ok, lets go sweetie" as she leads me to the car outside, the driver slams on the gas as the car bolts down the road.