hammer and sickle once a month but i am really sick of what life is throwing at me i've been shoved down to rock bottom and my life is in shambles and i'm not going to spend my life like this.. i'm now going to go all out i don't care what happens but i am not having my life at rock bottom and i think life is losing its values so what do you want to know about me? or better yet what do you wanna know

Also i'm going to end up either leaving the site soon or just dissapearing from everyone i cannot really handle this anymore.. i'm being shun away from things... and its becoming clear because of were i live and rumour sparking around and because of that i've been getting known as a cold-blooded nazi pig were i live and i am on the verge of mass murder

But i think i should throw in the towel with life and just give death that early call because i have nothing were i am to keep me from doing what some people would not want me to do.... I cannot live with people calling me a nazi pig or some nazi peice of shit or the famous so far that nazi scum bag who should have been drowned at birth before " IT " started walking and talking