Annoyed and dizzy the car cruise down the busy streets, hearing the tires squeel just as loud as my suit ready to explode. Looking over at the woman sitting next to me, still on her annoying little cell phone.*who the hell is this lady, what is going on*" what's going on?"

"well, right now there a situation requiring you and the reest of the team." going back to her cell phone.

*are you kidding me?* taking a deep breath in" I know that, I want to know what we're dealing with?"

"dont worry little girl, the situation is being handeled as we speak. We need you there to help your teamates"

"little girl, you......what is wrong with you. how can i do anything if I don't know ....whats.....going ......on" looking down i see that she has a revolver pointed at me touching the center of my upper chest" you know I already figured this out"

" o really, than why did you get in the car , huh, you stupid little brat"

" well, you see my cell phhone, which you forgot to take from me, has a gps system, and i sent out a panic code. so for the past couple of minute my team has been following us, waiting for the right time to attack. and well that time is now!". looking over Kevin jumps down and smashes the front end of the car. we fly around as the car flips end over end. my arms are banged by the cars walls smashing to the inside of the car. I hear a bang go off, then another, and one more. my ears are ringing, as i see smoke fill the inside as the car slides to a stop along the ground. thrown out of the car , laying in the broken glass, i look over and see the woman laying feet away from me. lifting up my head , i see that the three shots went straight into my stomach. I crawll over and barely grasp her arm, whispering"you want me dead, well, now your going to help me live" as soon im out of blood. My skin begins to grow grayish as my viens bulge, my eyes black like a shark's eye seeing it's prey. i dive my two three inch fangs into her arm. she squeels in pain as i begin to drain her blood. As i drink her juicy blood, the bullets pop out as my body heals. "there, you have enough in you to keep you alive, and thanks for the blood." laughing i get up as my body returns to normal. wiping of the excess blood of my face i turn away from the team as they arrive. " i'm sorry, i should be more descrete but i've imobilized her and trapped her"