6 years ago

One of the worst investments on can possibly make is to buy a new automobile. So, of course, I spent my hard earned deployment nest egg on a new truck. I'm an idiot.
As you can see, they forgot to put in the back window:

And if that wasn't enough, I went ahead and increased the chances of me getting a couple speeding tickets by putting one of these bad johnsons on:
That's a supercharger, which gives me about 504 horsepower to the crank.

Yes, I am compensating for a fantastically tiny penis.

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  • bwjenkins


    6 years ago

    I like that truck.

    A true "little dick " truck has to have an 18" lift and super swamper tires and never be taken off-road. You're halfway there anyway.

  • FinchLynch


    6 years ago

    Did you get the Yosemite Sam mudflaps or the naked shiny bitches mudflaps.

    Also, no window means no gun rack. smiley2.gif

  • user5


    6 years ago


    that's what everyone does with their deployment money.

    Considering the market, I would say it's a better investment nowadays than... you know... investing it.... but then again any vehicle you drive off of the lot immediately drops like 10 grand in value simply because you drove it off the lot.

    I think I'm going to withdraw my deployment money in one dollar bills and roll around naked in it for awhile and then figure out what I want to do with it

  • machen


    6 years ago

    If you had that thing a few months ago, you would've cried every time you had to refuel.

  • swade


    6 years ago

    In reply to RaoulDuke, #7:

    Truckasaurus once raped my mom's Volvo station wagon. He hates the Swedish.

  • puckplayer


    6 years ago

    Yeah, except that truck is fucking sweet.

  • RaoulDuke


    6 years ago

    you just better hope you don't run into Truckasaurus.

    From what I understand, he breathes fire and eats TRUCKS! TRUCKS! TRUCKS!

  • troy0891


    6 years ago

    That's a gorgeous piece of machinery you've got there. Looks like it's got a lot of great creature comforts too. Have fun popping its cherry smiley0.gif

  • Vicki


    6 years ago

    Jackass. <3

  • SorvatS


    6 years ago