BF: Bad Company Gold Edtion ( Regular $59.99 or $69.99 plus tax and i got it for $39.99 plus tax )

Buzz Quiz TV ( regular $59.99 plus tax i got it for $39.99 plus tax )


Time Crisis 4 ( Regular $79.99 plus tax i got it for $39.99 plus tax )

it was Time Crisis 4 or Singstar ... Singstar will have trophies this year some time the first Quarter of 2009 anyways they say but . TC4 has NO trophie Support ) But Buzz and BF:BC does

these 3 games plus Sonic collection this upcoming Tuesday and my upcoming MK VS DC ( hopefully will be here next week ) WOO HOO IT'S TROPHIES GALORE !!!!!

* hears someone yell You Trophy Whore ! * yea i know ... can't help it LOL