their is a date on the Canada Post website that i believe means your game will be delivered too you on tis day but here's what's what so far

their is no new update since the 4th ( go figure )

Product Type: Expedited Parcels
Service Standard Delivery Date: 2009/02/09

hmmm i should hold them to this date ... OH THAT'S TOMORROW !!!! hmmm ok let's see if i get my game tomorrow shall we ... in the mean time if i do get it i won't play it right away, now i can hear you saying WHAT'S THE POINT OF COMPLAINING ABOUT NOT GETTING THE GAME ! ok well i'l tell you then :P i started Buzz Quiz TV i need one more really hard trophy to get ... and then after that the rest are ... time consuming trophies and this shouldn't be too hard, but i may got for the trophy glitch to unlock the rest i'm not sure THEN i'l get too MK VS DC ...

oh heck with it .. i'l play some MK VS DC when i get it : D