Part 1 of ? however much I feel like talking about it.
M.O.S. means Military Occupation Specialty, dubbed down it means what job you want or get. I am going to be talking from the view of being in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. There are over 300 jobs in the military. There is a job for everyone! Many are designed to enhance your working ability in or out of the military.
Many people believe the military, especially the Marine Corps, is just Infantry. That is a complete lie. Go type on Google or any-other search engine for Marine Corps (or military) MOS and you will be dumb-founded. Also if at anytime you don't like your MOS anymore note the fact you can change it. However, it may require you to make an addition to your service obligations. If you have a two years left in the military you might (you will or you won't have to) add another year of service onto that.