Ok, it's been way too long sinc I've put something up. So here it is. I am a Lincol-Douglas debater. The season is almost over. Bigs are the 21st. As long as I make quater finals I get to go to state for LD. I love debate, although I haven't had what most would call a successful season. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm only a freshman (shocking to those who don't know me personally, yes I am aware. I am only 15.). And first years are always tough for everyone. But do most people LOSE EVERY SINGLE ROUND EVER IN THE SEASON???! Yeah, so if any of you are debate I would like a bit of advice, I've probably heard if before but I still need the advice. Oh and for those who do know me, they will say I did win a round. And that round was against the ost hated person in our district, Tony Massaro. Any local debater will know the name and the stories. Well, I did beat him, by five points by the way. Yeah, huge win. I know. But the thing is, he had a huge fight with his coach the week before at Bordman and i think he threw a hissy fit because he was getting benched for the Howland invitational tournament. Oh and by the way (yes again) he is a seinor. Don't go congratulating me for it. He obviously wasn't completely together because he for some reason unknown to man kind kept lying to a minimum. I mean only once did he lie. He did, however, try to comvince the judge that some fo my attacks were ad homonym attacks, essentially attacks against the speaker. Well that was two months ago. We have changed topic for January/February and I have yet to win a round. So if I lose two rounds at bigs before octofinals I'm done. I need a miracle to go to octos. Oh and my "love" life isn't exactly existant. Mostly because I've waited too long. But Adrian is probably lied to me when she said what she said. Either way, I'm done with it. Although, I have to admit, there is a tiny part of me that refuses to give up hope. Probably because I despise giving up. I hate quitting. It's one of the things I can't stand. And part of that is most likely the thing keeping me "attached." Whatever. Doesn't matter anymore. But I can say that my life has definately started to get better since the disaster of my own creation. And I can say that I tried and failed. That's a whole hell of a lot more than what my other friend can say. She didn't even try. She just assumed that it was going to fail regardless. Plus she just gave up. AND she was the one who convinced me to not give up in the first place. It was HER who convinced me to actually keep trying, well keep trying isn't the best phrase but it's all I can come up with.