so i almost killed myself and i wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for my true love and i'll tell u how
ok so wednesday i tried to OD on pain killers fever reducers and sleep aids and i was talking to my true love the hole time and she fixed things and got threw to me right before i went to bed and if she hadnt i woulnd of taken more pills and not tried to pul threw and i no i would have died but i decided that i had her to live for and i cant die now i have to much to do and i forced myself out of bed and forced myself to stay awake and when i was done at the doctors the next day they told me that if i had fallen asleep i would not have woken up and no i am not allowed to touch pills without someone there to wach me take only two not twenty two so because of her i am here and i remind her constantly ever since i got back from teh hospital and after she got threw to me.

THANK YOU SHYANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!