Well i've had the best week ever!
went to a dance with lisa and hunter.
we had dinner at the rock, yummy food!!!
the dance was sooo much fun! lisa and my bro and his date were trying to get me to dance with hunter...i did in the end. and thanks you guys! ahahaha. yeah, hunter asked me to be his girlfriend the day after....sooo i've go me a new boyfriend!!!!
sooo happy! we saw Push thurdays night, it was our valentines day date....i couldn't do anthing today, i'm stuck at my dad's house. but oh well, i'll make it up to him. i was talking to him for a couple of hours last night..
sooo at lunch yesterday, there was this thing where you could win a date with a deca stud. it was hilarious!!! hunter paid this guy oscar to go up and do it. he didn't win, but the whole thing was funny. the girl was in a box and asking the guys questions. it was just funny to see.
so yeah. nuthing new really. just boring old me!