Well things are picking up at least for me, i rang my work and they said it wont be too long now till im back at work. i was so happy wen they said that, my mum's health is getting alot better now, ive cut down to 10 cigerettes a day now, it was really hard cutting down,

Im currently prepping for the live wrestling podcast tonight! its gonna be exciting, and im doing another about star trek too. its my birthday in around too weeks on march 8th! i cant wait, for a present im going to see The Watchman on march 6th which will be awsome!

im having a massive party on the 6th, but i wont be getting absolutely wasted tho because not like my 18th where i was so wasted i could barely remember it. id like to remember this birthday lol.

Have a great day everybody.

With love as always.

Tom xxxxx