Well I guess I will write this since I haven't written about me in a while.
So.. Here is what is up with me lately.

I like this guy. But, he flirts with me all the time. But, he won't go out with me., AND i know when I flirt with other guys he gets way jealous. But, IDK why he won't go out with me. he goes out with all the freaks and whores

I have a good Grade Point Average. I have a 2.71 Wich is a B so that is good.

I got my new phone. my number is 307-315-5769 just incase anyone wants to text me

I watched a bunch of good movies over the weekend.

Lately I feel like not doing anything or even looking pleasant. Because, I have no one to look nice for. but, me. I mean I always look nice to me. But what ever lol.

I still also love this other guy eh is my best friend. and I can't seem to get over him he is os childiSH.

On teh way home after the bus ride I did have a real good tim. I laughed. I haven't laughed liek actually have fun real laugh in a long time. so that was good.

How was your day?