My life is good.
I might date the guy I like so good.
ummmmmmm I am getting way good grades.

YEH and today was so weird. we were at the lunch table and i was just joking around and I was all "RIDE ME LIKE A PONY." AND MY FRIEND SAID OUT LOUD " I know who u want to ride u liek a pony." and the guy i liek knows now and he's all "Yeah me." I mean how embarrassing and worst thing is is brother was all "Yeh Zinniah I'd bang u." THAN EVERYONE WAS TELLING EVERYONE WHO THEY WOULD BANG. WTF
it was so weird.

anyways ..... just my opions.

I mean feel free to tell urs if u read thuis, but, it's my opoion and i hate the right to delete what i want and u do have teh right to tell urs but, u don't say mine is wrong


I mean I'm not saying i'm perfect and I know most people I know actually hate me.... but, ya it's just me u get what u see, and u'll like, and i am most likely to affend someone in my life.

I think it's HILARIOUS.

How a lot of people say they are best friends with someone.... but, really the person they are best friends with them don't really like them at all but, they can't be mean so tehy rpetend to be their friends.

Also. I think it's funny
When a girl will blame another girl for stealing her boyfriend because they broke up with them for that other person. I mean it's not the other person's fault when that guy is attracted to them and not u.

I also think it's funny, How I bet most people couldn't go a day without talking about someone els, or knowing or wanted to know some sort of gossip.

I said anyways like three times in the journal. sorry just thought i would share that