Well, my computer's new hard drive is installed and all my usual programs are already installed, along with, obviously, the OS. Unfortunately, that was the easy and faster part. Now I have ahead of me the absolutely monumental task of installing/downloading (via Steam or actual discs) ALL of my games, which is going to take forever. You can see what nightmare lies ahead of me by checking out my previous journal. It's times like this where I wish I had gone all the way when shopping for my last flash drive by getting the 16 gb. I have an 8 gb...not quite enough for a lot of games or 1 or 2 big ones. This is especially frustrating because, only being able to hook up one hard drive at once, I would have to load up the flash drive, then turn off comp, swap hard drives, the restart....repeat x 10.

Unfortunately, that horrid plan isn't ruled out, because almost all those games are on Steam, and my bandwidth is only about 200 kb/s = slow. Anyways...I gotta stop my bitchin' and actually realize how privledged I am to have the awesome collection of games I have....coupled with the fact that about 95% of those games I have gotten in the last 3.5 months.

Oh and Shmef, if you are listening/reading, is there a way to stop the annoying beep that happens everytime my comp has a system/program inquiry? I think my last hard drive did that a long time ago, but then stopped. smiley4.gif Leave a comment with an answer if you know. TY