This weekend I started playing Final Fantasy XII again and now instantly I'm hooked again. I hadn't played it since December 2007 before I got my Xbox 360. Most people/Final Fantasy fan boys have said they hated it due to Square Enix not making it turned based, like the transition screens and the clicking battle screen, to a more freeroming battle environment. Yes you can bitch all you want fan boys but I really really loved this game no matter what. My favorite thing to do is go on massive long runs of grinding and obtaining loot and then selling it all to see how much money I got and to how much effort I put into it. I know that might sound lame but this game is good old times for me.

My goal in this game now is to complete all sidequests, obtain every weapon/item, all hunts/rare hunts, all espers and obviously.. Finally defeat Omega Mark XII and the ridiculous Yiazmat (Which will tie in with the completing all hunts, two birds with one stone!).