My brother is the one who originally introduced me to Red vs Blue. (I blame him for my addiction. smiley0.gif ) We watched about two seasons of BGC together, and I thought it was just awesome. Eventually, I wanted to find the rest on my own, and I proceeded to watch everything else, in addition to signing up on this site and becoming a sponsor. It's safe to say that I became much more obsessed with it than my brother, who introduced me to it (I think he had only watched 2.5 or 3 seasons of BGC, total).

Since I became a fan, I've tried to convince some of my friends to go and watch it all. Each one seemed to like the material and think that it was funny, but no one would continue to watch all of it like I did. My roommate has probably seen about two seasons (at most), and keeps giving me hope that she will eventually watch the rest, but she never seems to want to take the time to do so. But I keep holding onto the hope, so I don't ever want to talk about a lot of things that go on in RvB, for fear that I'll spoil something. So I come to the forums to talk about RvB (LFTO FTW), since I can't talk about it to my liking among any of my friends.

HOWEVER, recently the same brother who introduced me has been watching more RvB, and finally finished off BGC. He is next going to watch OoM and RO, followed by Reconstruction (and finally, Relocated). We met today to study for a test in a class that we have together, and at least half the time we were quoting/talking about Red vs Blue. I am so stoked that he's watching it all now, and I'll have someone close who I can discuss it with.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. smiley9.gif