Boredom + Highly brain damaged spethul kid = Survey Journal

Do you have the following in your bedroom?

Condoms: Ja, flavored ones! Tho, to me they smelled more than tasted like banana... Haven't tried the other two flavors yet.

Cell phone: Ja, stupid cheap piece of shit.

Book shelf: I use my top shelf of my closet...

Couch: Nah... But, I do have a really comfy medicine ball... :D

Futon: Nah.

Computer/laptop: Ha! Nu, sorry, I'm not that special or rich.

Pictures: Nah.

Mirror: In my closet where it belongs!

Skateboard: Nah.


Clothes on the floor: Ja, of course.

Surfboard: Nah.

Smoke detector: Ja.

Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: Nah.

Locking door: Ja.

Bottle of water: Nah.

Blacklight: Nah.

Lava Lamp: Nah.

Medals/ribbons: Nah.

CDs: HA! waste. NU!

Flag: O.o... Why would I have a flag?!

Stop sign/any sign: Nah.

Paintball gun: Nah.

Real Gun: Nah.

Cigarettes: Uh, nu... Icky... XP

Pot: Nu.

Any drugs: Unless you count cold medicine(the type you can't get high off of).

Alcohol: Nu.

Books: Duh.

ps2: Don't work anymore.

Xbox: Nah.

Gamecube: Nah.

Stereo: Nah.

Gum: Ja.

How many windows do you have in ur room: One.

What is the color of your walls? White.

Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom? Wherever my things I need are.

What's on your walls? Uh... Nothing.

Has the opposite sex been in your room before? Ja. Many times.

Has the opposite sex been on your bed? Uh ya...

Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? YES!

Ever had sex in your bed? It's me we are talking about! JEEZ!

Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? My fiance.

Do you like your bedroom: For the most part yes.

Why did I decide to waste my time on this?!
Horrible boring questions....

Mission: I'm so gonna make my on fucking survey!! Someday......