Okay so like I hate surveys and there dumb questions. So, Imma gonna make my own really retarded survey(not sure if it'll actually turn out to be a survey really).

1. Does the monkey moo pink?
2. What's your favorite letter in the alphabet? FYI Sarah's is purple.
3. Bewbs or B00bs?
4. Can your pussy do the dog?
5. thepenisinhermouth! What is on your mind?
6. Do you honestly believe Redbull has bull sperm in it? Honestly.
7. I like butt seckz! Do you?!
8. Chinese, Japanese,___________, __________?(Oh, btw, only Sarah gets this one.)
9. I believe in Santa yet, I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy?
10. Do you make like a lemon and squeeze?
11. Penis or male appendage?
12. Do you prefer your companion to be Big, Healthy , Husky, Fluffeh, or DAAMMNNN!!???
13. Hemorrhoids? Joo haz Hemorrhoids?
14. Tard rolls in tarder sauce?
15. Do mangoes equal papaya?
16. Pussy or wieners? Sick bastards!
17. Uh... Sorry Folks ... My brain leaked out at this very moment and there will be a slight intermission....


18. I has noodles, nu?
19. How many round shiny things do you has in said house?
20. Que que es qua?
21. What are you the Lord and Ruler of? Right now at this very moment I'm the Lord and Ruler of my panties!
22. For all the girls out there pad or tampon?
23. Whats your favorite method of hair removal?
24. What breed are you?
25. Squeal or scream?
26. Favorite energy drink?
27. What food/drink gives you a orgasmic face?
28. What's your favorite scent?
29. Does pussy actually smell like tuna?
30. Why the flying hell do guppies have to breed so damn much?
31. Did you know that planet earth has a beard?
32. What color was your recent poo?
33. What's more annoying dealing with a crazy person or a boring person?
34. Honestly, why do men where sandals? It's so unattractive.
35. Or why do some wear socks and sandals? Damn jock preppies...
36. Rawr or Roar?
37. How come people use y for why? Y means and in Spanish dips!
38. Toilet set down or up and why?
39. If farting is okay then why is quiffing not?
40. Do you know how to sneeze bananas?
41. Sarah and I were wondering how many people kill them selves cuz there life was that boring?
42. What? 42 what?.... Don't ask Sarah lost it again.
43. Salmon... Why the hell is the L silent? DAMN IT! Can you imagine how badly that word fucks with foreigners.

K, I'm done with this cuz I am so goddamn bored of making this.