But I finally got my XBL character to look like someone from a movie.

I tried the Joker, which had all the clothing, face paint, and even cut mouth, but the glitch to make his hair green didn't work for me... Besides, everyone had that, wasn't original.

Then I tried Wolverine. That didn't really work either, no claws, the hair wasn't the same, and no white tank top.

Then I finally got it, CLINT EASTWOOD! I got it to look just like me primary image on RvB, this makes me pleased.

I know what you're thinking, I should make my avatar look like me right? Well I had it like me, but I just said, fuck it, it's boring.

Now lets go play some Halo Wars, 3v3 party matches are so incredibly fun, it shouldn't be allowed.

See you when I see you.