this week and important things to come: okay so this week is spring brake for my school systum and i went

over to visit Anthony (my boyfriend) and i have t

to say that it was the best time of my life. i can't wait to see him again. i'm hopeing likme hell that he can come up

for my senior prom! that would just make my senior year worth living, instead of enduring it like i have the last four


coming up: well i'm graduation on june 3 at 7 ish pm, then i'm going to go to grad bash with some of my

friends that i might not ever see again! I can't wait for senor skip day. But i have to go to school for about 2

hours for senior brake fast and to get my cap and gown then i'm out and then next day is prom! and i will

hopeful be seeing Anthony again!