So last night I went out with a couple of friends to a bar called Jackalope in Austin. Were all sitting there having a beer and just joking around when someone walks up behind me and puts their hands on my shoulders, a greeting of a friend. I turn around assuming that its my friend Justin who was also meeting up with us and in return I get this balding man who is around 55 and obviously didn't belong in this bar with his button up shirt and starched jeans.

I look at this guy and wonder, is this a relative i haven't seen in a while. Or did i meet this person when i was totally wasted and just dont remember?

At first he kind of looked at me a little funny too as if he wasnt sure who i was.
Was he meeting up with an internet/blind date or something?
Next he sits down and proceeds to talk to me saying sorry he kept me waiting and asking how i've been. My friend Haley also takes it upon herself to introduce herself so that we could figure out his name. Carlos, yeah. So Carlos keeps looking at me and I feel extremely awkard, so i just come out and say to him. "I'm really sorry but i have no idea who the hell you are!"
He at first looked shocked and then apologized and abruptly walked away. I seriously laughed for like 10 minutes to the point that i cried.

30 minutes later we see him walk about with a chic who had about the same length of hair as me but is wearing a flannel shirt and looks like a damn man. I was completely offended that thats who he mistook me for, just because the length of my hair.

Then I just started laughing again. smiley0.gif