So I can not believe anyone still uses this place as a networking site. It's either newbies who worship this derailed shit site and show, "WOOO HOO DEY NOW HAS KOMEKS!!1one!!", Zalgo. I now reside on 4chans /b/ and /x/ sections along with facebook. Hell, I check my myspace more than this thing. I still love to troll, still love the people on my friends list here, and women still can not play halo or any other game to save their life. I am currently being a bad ass and going into the Navy as a ***. I don't think i can tell the world as that could make me a target, anyone with any type of knowledge in the Intelligence field should be able to figure it out. I still enjoy my ever growing movie collection and rage every time my I-phone locks up when someone calls. I am currently taking part in Operation Seeds of Freedom, an act that will hopefully keep alive and well. I get some of my old Toho sci-fi movies from there such as The H-Man and Dogora. I have also started a collection of Creature Feature introduction and the films they present. My week can be summed up as follows:

Monday-Tuesday: Work Out, Download movies
Wednesday: PT Dep meeting and Studying so I can start at E-2 or Seaman Apprentice
Thursday: Watch movies, stay up late on /b/
Friday: Spend time with my lovely kathryne : )
Saturday: Spend time with Kathryne, /x/ all night long
Sunday: Go to Church (for Kathryne), stay up late watching old B movies, trolling /x/ and working out.

Now that I finished up my two semesters at OCCC, I can do just about whatever I want during the day and night. Maybe I will return to this place, if it wasn't such a metro sexual hippie commune were everybody thinks everybody is equal. Faggotry. Now I would hope for responses to this, but the chances of anyone I actually cared about on here still remaining are slim to none. Well, I will hopefully be seeing you, online or off.

Also Watchmen was fucking amazing. If you didn't like it (without good reasons) then you can go back to watching Confessions of a shopaholic like the good little sheeple that you are.