this website is a big Let Down not goes for sony here . ( well duh right it's about Halo LOLORZ ) yea but not one gives Sony Cred and i mean at all. The Following Journal IS PS3 FAnboyism To Put Some Balance On the PS3 Side

Got Killzone 2 ! It's AWESOME !!! The Online is good except you have to unlock medals to unlock a class but other then that i don't care much. But HEY ! least it's better then that Glitchy Piece Of Shit Gears Of War 2 Right AMIRIGHT !!!! yes i am right of course i am Killzone doesn't have issues like that game does oh and for the record it kills HALO and Fable 2 !!!!

I made it into the fatprincess Beta which is Teh Koolness Can't Say Much On It As It's In Beta But i hear it will be out this summer to download from the store ( my guess $9.99 )

IF ANYONE wants to games with me ON THE PS3 ! my PSN ID IS: JamesSoprano

You Got the info if you have a PS3 and wanna add me it's up too you but if you don't own a PS3 ... then have fun With Thy Mediocre Games on THE GAYBOX LULZ !