So I have to write a 20 page creative story... fucking long but I think I can do it. I have almost 3 weeks to do it and I'm thinkin I'm gonna go with a futuristic sci-fi like story. Here's the synopsis I cam up with...

The year is 2113. The number of school shootings and terror related attacks on United States college campuses are at an all time high. The attackers have become increasingly cunning, and little can be done to stop the deadly and technologically advanced attacks. After a bombing leaves nearly one hundred dead on one of the East coast’s largest campuses, the United States Government secretly instigates Operation Silent Shield. Hundreds of college aged men and women, genetically superior and trained to be special operatives nearly from birth are planted in campuses around the nation to be a silent anti-terror force. As the United States totalitarian government grapples with imminent civil war, one of the operatives will learn the horrible truth behind Silent Shield.

So basically, I'm gonna write about this guy... he's been trained to be a killer since he was born. It's 2113 I can't decide if they are gonna be genetically engineered humans created in a laboratory or if they were just stolen from their parents or some shit. After being trained for 18 years he is equipped with discreet anti-terror weapons and placed on a college campus. He has a name made for him, class schedule, dorm, the works. Within a month he single-handedly stops a very organized attack aimed at releasing hazardous and deadly chemicals onto the campus that would eventually wipe out its populace. He is able to slip away before anyone can see who gunned down the gunmen.

So after awhile of this protecting thing he begins to receive strange assignments that force him to go outside of the zone he was assigned to and to assassinate "terror suspects." In one final incident he finds that he has just killed several innocent people that were nothing more than political dissidents speaking out peacefully against the new oppressive government. Needless to say he goes apeshit for being lied to his entire life. Ends up having to kill many of his old friends that trained with him and eventually going to the head of the agency directing the operation and kills the leader... all as the United States falls into civil war.

Haven't decided how I'm gonna end it yet.