i knwo i've been back for 2 weeks now. but i just now found some time to write about my new york trip!
I'll post a link to all the pictures as soon as a put them up on photobucket and edit them!

so yeah...

Day 1

I got to the airport at 5:45 in the morning. get on the 6 hour plane ride, and feel sick the entire plane ride. got on a bus, went to the hotel, got ready for dinner. sang in front of Carnigie hall (i know that i spelt it wrong). had a very measely dinner. went to the empire state building. did a little sight seeing from the bus. went back to hotel and went to bed.

Day 2

Got up ate breakfast and then hopped on a tour bus. walked around central park, preforms at Cathedral of St. John. had an awesome lunch at Sylvia's most famous soul food restaurant. (best food i've ever had!!!!!!) we also saw Lincoln center, harlem, grant's tomb. had a really good dinner at Hurley's and walked to see Phantom of the Opera. i absolutely loved the show!!! want to see it again!

Day 3

travelled to Greenwich village, the financial district, ground zero, shopped in china town, and had lunch at the seaport food court. had dinner and the largest pizza parlor, John's Pizzeria. we walked to go see West Side Story- it is my new favorite musical...it was soooo awesome...that it made me cry in the end!!!!! went to bed early that night.

Day 4

Got up early and got ready to go onto the CBS Early Morning show. i was only on for about 3 seconds..sooo yeah...sadness...wanted to be on there longer..but oh well. it was still pretty cool. had breakfast at planet hollywood, that was pretty cool...they had twilight stuff there!!!!!!!! anyways... <.< >.> lol we went to a broadway musical workshop, that was a lot of fun. and htne we went to NBC studios for a tour and we got to see the saturday night live set and some other ones as well. that was pretty cool too. we got a 2 hour shopping block..but my friend and i decided to rest our feet before we had to walk to dinner and show...so we went to the hotel. we had dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. (if that name sounds familiar..think of Forset Gump) we walked to go see Mary Poppins...that blew me away. the show was amazing!!

Day 5

last day. got to sleep in a little bit. made sure everything was packed (but i guess my cell phone didn't make it into my purse..cuz it's gone...oh well....) lol. we went to ellis island...and saw the Statue of Liberty. sang on Liberty Island as well..it was pouring down buckets of rain...so we were all soaked after we sang. we went to the airport after that, most of us changed into dry clothes, which consisted of slippers and pajamas, it was a night flight anywas..lol. yeah...another 6 hour flight. and i got home at 9:30 saturday night. on April 11.

soo to wrap this up...
i had a really awesome time. i sorta made friend..i think....lol. my friend found out she's going to college there in the fall. i think that's uberly awesome. way to go Ashley!! so yeah. i'll try and put some pics up when i can!

<3 Chelsey